December 6, 2009

If your thinking about starting a Stardoll magazine, think again. Turns out you won’t be making bank.
As I’m reading the blog Purple Rain, I came across an article about Style_Magazine with photo proof that she in fact is hard up for stardollars.
I should of suspected something was up when she started wearing no pants.

Something I never thought I’d hear about her ever considering she had one of the most successful magazine on Stardoll.
So to help her gain some cash she is selling her clothes that aren’t even worth the price of 60 stardollars.
Style_Magazine, if you want to get some money why not sell stuff that is worth the price?
But luckily for her, maybe the code BeverlyHillsHei is giving to dodence_bt’s charity CharityGlam could be hers.


Burn Book Pages!

November 27, 2009

these hard to find pages were on an old burnbook…Thankfully I got my hands on this treat!