StarAwards Fashion Flop!

December 7, 2009

Just when you thought you saw enough of elites flipping up their fashion like Fakeshake3. Heres a nice present for you to enjoy by the warm toasty campfire. Star_Awards dressed up like a crazed bar tender girl. Just look at that hair it looks like she was moshing for about 2 hours. And the makeup is horrific not to mention that cheesy BFF necklace. And that plastic shiny shit dress shes wearing makes me feel like im in fucking abbey dawn at kohls. YUCK!


New BurnBook Page!

November 29, 2009

Noelle_Page = BIG FAT LIAR

October 9, 2009

Noelle Alexandria Page is not who she claims to be. She’s not rich, not in Cambridge, and her real name is not Noelle. Check out the real deal on noelle_page:

On her name: If she’s the daughter of a business magnate and a local celebrity I’m sure her name would have popped up in a few Google results… but the only results are of “The Other Side of Midnight”, a 1977 movie starring an actress of same name, and of a dude who works at Pixar.

On her career: she claims to be/have been a model, however when searching her on Google and there are no results.

On her clothing & accesories line: If she’s 18 now, it is impossible to have established a fashion and accesories line at the age of 16, while “traveling extensively” and being a model, unless you are Kira Plastinina. And why we don’t know the store’s name? Doesn’t she want it to be well known?

Seems like you’ve been a pretty little liar…

FakeShake3 Losing her Fashionable Touch?

October 9, 2009

The evidence speaks for itself. Taken from yours trulys guest book.



October 8, 2009
So apparently N1mka4eva is being a accused of being a fake. is she guilty or innocent? you chose…
(image taken from http:/ )


October 3, 2009

this girl is the top notch of suite decorating. i mean really just take a look at her suites and see how different and amazing they are! it blows me away that some people waste so much time on this site. let alone waste hundreds of usd on fucking pixel clothing. i mean i spend my time on stardoll when i am bored. which is after i settle down and finish my homework and check up on things. but im only only like for about 5 minutes. once again im never telling you my username. so i wont be harassed by little snotty bitches. (: