Trashin The Special Eds?

December 9, 2009

just when you thought elites could get any lower, Haitianrichboy9 came to save the day. Hes so ignorant, he thinks its ok to trash people that have mental disabilities and his dopey blonde friend just goes along with it and laughs. Great job guys, not only did you make yourselfs look like jerks, you also made yourselfs look like complete and utter morons!

Keep it up!



Good and Bad News.

October 12, 2009

burnbook cover copyPrepare for the new and thrilling Burn Book Of 2009! Release date shall be around Halloween. Author/Graphics are by yours truly. I am already done on the cover page and started the index. Length will be around 3-4 pages.  I will post the link on here when it is finished. The lovely victims are, Fakeshake3,Keira-V,Isabella.Arci, and Noelle_Page. Have any suggestions for other victims to be added or removed? comment! Heres the cover page so far.

The Dish On SingingMermaid

October 11, 2009

Singingmermaid-More like dying whale. Number one, she is no where near to be a mermaid. You could call her a fake ugly ass loser who is a wannabe elite. She’s known for her “Awsome Designer Clothing” ugh, I could barf right now, I swear. So what her close are Juicy? All she does is make it for 5 and sell it for 25, geez. I could teach every single person on stardoll how to make brand names for free! All you have to do is turn a fucking wheel and presto, a baboon could do it. But no, dyingwhale think’s she’s one of a kind, I bet you she even think’s she invented stardesign, but no, sadly you didn’t fagget. And did i mention she’s a scammer? Yeah, big time scammer. Seriously, do people have more to do in life then rip people off for pixel clothing. Geesh, IF YOU CANT FEEL IT DONT BUY IT. Or in this case if a medoll with a uni-brow ask’s you to trade, DONT BUY IT. Agreed? I agree that singingmermaid is a singingloser.

Noelle_Page = BIG FAT LIAR

October 9, 2009

Noelle Alexandria Page is not who she claims to be. She’s not rich, not in Cambridge, and her real name is not Noelle. Check out the real deal on noelle_page:

On her name: If she’s the daughter of a business magnate and a local celebrity I’m sure her name would have popped up in a few Google results… but the only results are of “The Other Side of Midnight”, a 1977 movie starring an actress of same name, and of a dude who works at Pixar.

On her career: she claims to be/have been a model, however when searching her on Google and there are no results.

On her clothing & accesories line: If she’s 18 now, it is impossible to have established a fashion and accesories line at the age of 16, while “traveling extensively” and being a model, unless you are Kira Plastinina. And why we don’t know the store’s name? Doesn’t she want it to be well known?

Seems like you’ve been a pretty little liar…

FakeShake3 Losing her Fashionable Touch?

October 9, 2009

The evidence speaks for itself. Taken from yours trulys guest book.



October 3, 2009

this girl is the top notch of suite decorating. i mean really just take a look at her suites and see how different and amazing they are! it blows me away that some people waste so much time on this site. let alone waste hundreds of usd on fucking pixel clothing. i mean i spend my time on stardoll when i am bored. which is after i settle down and finish my homework and check up on things. but im only only like for about 5 minutes. once again im never telling you my username. so i wont be harassed by little snotty bitches. (:


September 28, 2009

BeverlyHillsWhore whose real user is beverlyhills hei is an asshole she is a stuck up brat who wastes all her time telling people how much money you have shutup.You will never be rich so stop bragging!Read his/her presentation below

I am from Beverly Hills, California, in America. My Mom married my Dad. She is from Mexico I must get the blonde hair color from my Dad, because my Dad is mostly American, British, and German. My Dad is a business owner so My sister and I are the heiress to his fourtune. My Dad owns penthouse (luxury apartment) buildings and rents them out to people for $25,000 a night. And sometimes people come on vacation like celebriys come there. It is really fun! I LOVE boys (HOT BOYS)!!! A lot of people say you are so spoiled! My school I go to is Beverly Hills High! I go to that school, with some of my best friends, **NiceGirl, **socialite*, wealthy3129, and HOTTPartyGirl. I love to tan! I love shopping and partying! I LOVE skinny jeans and oversized clothes and handbags and oversized sunglasses. I love designers I always buy name brand stuff no matter what Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes (I just bought a handbag from Hermes only $20,000.00), Balenciaga, Versace, Dior, Luella Bartley, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, just not prada all the time beause Prada is like what my Mom bought in the 1980’s.