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November 29, 2009



November 27, 2009


Thats right bitches. Well, so ‘she’ says. She has a pretty snotty presentation. You should all read it and figure out if this is the real deal. Personally I wasnt around when Teale was at her bitch peak. So I’m clueless on this subject!


TealeBlahh’s Presentation…



The Speacials:
- - - Sorry if i left you out.. I just can't remember your Username :]

I Am The Real Teale, If you do not believe me. Get a life 

I do not answer my guestbook.
Teale.Blahhh (YOU GONE WAY TO FAR!)

Friend Requests
Tell me why you want to be your friend, If the friend request is anything to do with the past, or if you hate me. I will decline you .


Lissy (TealeHaters) :
Well I Used to hate Teale, But i guess she's not so bad after all! After all she taught me to love and hate. You HAVE to add this girly because she is amazing once you get to know her, She can be quite cold hearted at times, But you will always love her as a friend. Mwah. Lissy xoxoxo

Estelle (MadameMushroom) :
Teale Is My Queen Of B*****s .

Vanessa (Username Rather NOT Be Said) :
Well one of the best day's of my life is meeting Teale in LA, She is absolutely stunning, and intelligent. I admire her personality and the best thing is she will never give up. Love You Babe! Nessy.

Savannah :
What i love about teale is her determination. She has never given up. 
She is literally Stardoll's living legend and I am honoured to be friends with her. Why do people hate on her? She's just a very intelligent person... who has unfinished business with Callie.Stardoll.

Hannah (GlowingSoul):
Teale Has Always Been There For Me. Teale Always Does The Right Thing :]

If you don't like me, or are one of those nasty haters that got me deleted. Say it. I don't care. If you guys wanted to get teale, one of my lifetime acheivments, deleted, so be it. Believe me, I don't care anymore..

Teale.Blahhh is a poser, she copies my medoll and my presentation. If you think she is the real Teale (Me) then you seriously need to think again...


bullshit? You decide dearies!


Burn Book Pages!

November 27, 2009

these hard to find pages were on an old burnbook…Thankfully I got my hands on this treat!


November 27, 2009


November 27, 2009

Sorry Dears!

November 27, 2009

the burn book is no longer in session. Although I might be able to turn up some pages individually.  Even the high volume of requests I do not have the time. I’m now in a new school district in Manhattan and trying to adjust, also sadly to say my dad lost a massive stock. We lost a lot of money, but everything should be ok…I hope :/

Good and Bad News.

October 12, 2009

burnbook cover copyPrepare for the new and thrilling Burn Book Of 2009! Release date shall be around Halloween. Author/Graphics are by yours truly. I am already done on the cover page and started the index. Length will be around 3-4 pages.  I will post the link on here when it is finished. The lovely victims are, Fakeshake3,Keira-V,Isabella.Arci, and Noelle_Page. Have any suggestions for other victims to be added or removed? comment! Heres the cover page so far.