Attention whore of the month: Fatooni

November 26, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah, you might just say shes just another little girl that thrives on a fake lifestyle. But she seems to actually believe her own lies…Not to mention she thinks she is the most GORG girl. Meet…’Faten’.


To spike up her ‘Elite-ness’ she made a formspring…And more than half are people bashing her. How cute. And she just can’t seem to make a good response back..


Back from the dead.

November 26, 2010

Be afraid, shes back. SHES FUCKING BACK.

Ready Set..GOSSSIP!

May 1, 2010

Sorry for the longest hiatus in history. I lost interest in having a blog. But coming back I realized I still do have a lot of views per day, so with no further a do.


Trashin The Special Eds?

December 9, 2009

just when you thought elites could get any lower, Haitianrichboy9 came to save the day. Hes so ignorant, he thinks its ok to trash people that have mental disabilities and his dopey blonde friend just goes along with it and laughs. Great job guys, not only did you make yourselfs look like jerks, you also made yourselfs look like complete and utter morons!

Keep it up!


StarAwards Fashion Flop!

December 7, 2009

Just when you thought you saw enough of elites flipping up their fashion like Fakeshake3. Heres a nice present for you to enjoy by the warm toasty campfire. Star_Awards dressed up like a crazed bar tender girl. Just look at that hair it looks like she was moshing for about 2 hours. And the makeup is horrific not to mention that cheesy BFF necklace. And that plastic shiny shit dress shes wearing makes me feel like im in fucking abbey dawn at kohls. YUCK!


December 6, 2009

If your thinking about starting a Stardoll magazine, think again. Turns out you won’t be making bank.
As I’m reading the blog Purple Rain, I came across an article about Style_Magazine with photo proof that she in fact is hard up for stardollars.
I should of suspected something was up when she started wearing no pants.

Something I never thought I’d hear about her ever considering she had one of the most successful magazine on Stardoll.
So to help her gain some cash she is selling her clothes that aren’t even worth the price of 60 stardollars.
Style_Magazine, if you want to get some money why not sell stuff that is worth the price?
But luckily for her, maybe the code BeverlyHillsHei is giving to dodence_bt’s charity CharityGlam could be hers.

SO caaute!

December 5, 2009

Tyler once again show that he is a heartless bitch.
He put his blog over friendship.
Next he would put money over family? Who knows.

See what star_award said about the accusations about her being thegossipdish.

Click Here!!!!!

It is so cute. But I still think she is lying.